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  • Personalizing Your Wedding

    Couples getting married today are giving their special day a more personal touch. They want their wedding to be remembered and talked about for months to come. But how do you do that?

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Personalizing Your Wedding

Well you need to think outside the box. Couples today are looking for a style of wedding that is not the same as when their parents got married. A place to start when you are planning your wedding day is to think about where you would like your wedding.

Today weddings are not necessarily taking place in a church and a hall. They are taking place in

  • restaurants,

  • parks,

  • wineries,

  • barns,

  • on golf courses and

  • beaches.

The possibilities are endless. Couples today are favouring the one site wedding which makes the timeline of a wedding less hectic.

Destination weddings are very popular. Couples are taking advantage of getting married in paradise and enjoying a honeymoon at the same place. If this idea appeals to you and you are worried that everyone you would like to invite can not afford to attend don't fret over it. You can plan to have a reception after you come back home. This gives you the opportunity to celebrate with everyone and the opportunity to wear your wedding dress again.

Another idea that can make your wedding more personal would be to do a theme wedding. Popular themes would be a

  • black & white wedding,

  • a garden wedding,

  • a beach wedding,

  • a country & western wedding or even a

  • 1940's Hollywood glam wedding.

Your décor, favours and cake can all be associated with whatever theme you decide on.

Try being brave and do something different.  I'm sure that there are plenty of people that have viewed that famous YouTube video of the wedding party doing a dance down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever" that set the tone of the wedding as light and a lot of fun. Other ideas would be a wedding party dance that has been put together and practised but kept a secret from the family and guests.

Some times the little things make a wedding memorable. So don't be afraid to do something different. Remember to keep it tasteful but fun at the same time. This is your special day and the chance to be really unique.

Good luck and happy planning!

Susan Zuk, WPIC
Elegant Details, Wedding and Event Planning

Susan is a Certified Wedding Planner and is proudly certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. She is the owner of Elegant Details, Wedding and Event Planning located in Caledonia, Ontario